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Sekali kereta, tetap kereta

Kawan AnKer


People who live in Jabodetabek are facing obstacles in term of transportation, e.g crazy traffic, public transportations are not proper,  schedule that keeps changing from time to time, etc. 

Charlie and The Angels plans to help Jakartans to commute easier and faster without any hassle.


  • Those people actually reckon the issues about the train, however, they are still weighing about the fact that train is the fastest way to commute to their work place.

  • They also experience how hard it is to be on the train, especially when they are alone with no peer to face the massive wave of people in the train,

  • Their main source of information are basically on social media and direct announcement at station, so there is not any real time information to track the train. 



We conducted one-to-one interview to anker mania who always go at the usual time and also those who use other transportation before and/or after they use train. 

We have interviewed 15 people with the same questions that trigger an open discussion with each of them. The interview lasted for 30-40 minutes each.  

" No matter what, I will always choose train for my transportation"

Goals: to come to the office on time

Experience goal: To get a valid and competent information

Frustations : There is not a real time tracker tool for train

Dessy lives in Depok and works in Sudirman, Jakarta. Her everyday commute time takes approximately 1,5 hours, so everyday she has to go to the office 2 hours prior to her office's starting hour. She works as a frontliner, so she has to be at the office on time. 

The main problem for her is the train's schedule is delayed but there is not any tracker for train's schedule except depending on her usual station's public information. She also has to compete with every other people who also use train as their main transportation to actually be on the train itself. 

Besides all the issues about train, she still chooses train over anything else because it is the fastest and cheapest public transportation, especially the traffic from Depok to Sudirman is always crazy. 

When she goes home, the same issue will occur again. She has to use train again. If only she has a friend whom she can go together with, her journey might be more fun and enjoyable. 

Female, 25 yo, single

works as a teller in one of the biggest bank

 in Jakarta Pusat

Our Target : Dessy Amartha



Finding from our User testing: 

  • Users who use train daily mostly find no difficulities using the app for the first time, and find it very useful because they can find their friend who use application.

  •  Users find the journey is too long, and it needs to be simplify 

  • Users who rarely use train, find difficulty on how to do a background check on Kawan AnKer because mostly they do not want to go with strangers

  • Users want to know what they could do after the journey reach its end
We tested the concept in paper prototype to 5 target audiences.
The target audiences are divided into 2 groups, based on the scenario below: 

Scenario 1: People who use train daily 

You hear about new application for train mania, so you download the app and want to use it for the first time to see what it can do to help the trip.

Scenario 2 : Pleople who rarely use

You have a morning meeting faraway from your office and home so you decide to use train. You want to check the route and the schedule for the train. 


Application's link:  

Charlie and The Angel 

Outside the angel's life, she's working as a system analyst at Suitmedia Digital Agency. She hates travelling in rush hour.

Farah is both an angel and Interaction Designer at Traveloka. She hates traffic in Jakarta so much that she chooses to stay close to her office, away from the street chaos.

Besides being an angel, Rani is also working as Senior Account Manager at Bambu Digital. Everyday, Rani commutes from Bekasi to Jakarta by car. She struggles with traffic while listens to radio and plays games on her cellphone.   

Rani as Dylan

Farah as Natalie

Afid as Alex

Vito as Charlie

He might be only a  Digital Graphic Designer in Mirum Jakarta, but no one knows he is Charlie. He loves to travel with motorcycle and playing games in his leisure time..


Charlie and the Angels 

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